We are now providing Remote VDU/DSE Workstation Ergonomic Risk Assessments by Zoom in the worker's home.


The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations require employers to:

  • Carry out an analysis or risk assessment of employee workstations
  • Provide information to employees in relation to measures which have been implemented
  • Provide training to employees in the use of workstations before commencing work with display screen equipment and whenever the organisation of the workstation is modified
  • Perform a further analysis or risk assessment where an employee transfers to a new workstation or significant new work equipment, change of equipment or new technology is introduced an an individuals workstation
  • Ensure that the provision of an appropriate eye and eyesight test is made available to every employee


Logue and O'Connor Training and Consultancy Ltd can undertake a Remote VDU/DSE Ergonomic Risk Assessment for each employee at their individual workstations in their own home.

Each assessment is individual to each employee and lasts approximately 45 minutes using the Zoom platform. This allows the assessor to view how the employee interacts with their workstation equipment in real time. The employee will need to join the call using a smartphone placed at right angles on a steady surface and facing towards the employee to allow the assessor to view the employee at a right angle. The employee may have a family member or friend with them to hold the smartphone if they prefer. The assessor will then recommend changes and/or adjustments where applicable.We will also ask the employee to take a "bird's eye view angle" of the desktop to make sure the workstation equipment is layed out correctly. As recommendations and adjustments are suggested by the assessor, these will be implemented in real time by the employee. The purpose of adjustments is to reduce strain, stress, the liklihood of long-term injury to back and neck and limbs and to ensure a more comfortable workplace experience for the employee. The entire process is interactive and also provides training and learning to the employee. The entire process satisfies Schedule 4 to the DSE Regulations.