Fire Safety Training

fire safety training

The Grenfell Tower disaster has been described by Dublin's Chief Fire Officer as a "game changer" for everybody working in fire prevention.

This course is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards and train participants on how to act safely in the event of an emergency fire situation.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the chemistry of fire
  2. Identify potential fire risks at work
  3. Understand the requirement for emergency procedures
    and the action to be taken in case of emergency
  4. Conduct emergency evacuation drills in their own work environment

Course Modules:

  1. Fire Safety Legislation Overview
  2. Understanding Fire Physics and Chemistry of Fire Development
  3. Means of Raising an Alarm
  4. Means of Summoning the Fire Brigade
  5. Developing an Action on Hearing the Fire Alarm
  6. Evacuation Procedures
  7. Practical Use of Fire Extinguishers
Course Duration: ½ Day
Course Participation: 12

Certification & Price:

On successful completion of the course and required test, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance at Fire Safety Training.
€450 for group of up to 12