Regulation 15 Individual Care Plan Training

We provide training for multidisciplinary teams within approved centres for both adult services and CAMHS in order to achieve compliance with Regulation 15 Individual Care Plan. We also provide training for other mental health services e.g. community residences, teams within primary care centres, recovery services, resource centres and community mental health teams, etc.

Sean Logue worked as an inspector with the Mental Health Commission for eight years and as a Compliance and Regulation Officer with the HSE National Mental Health Office. Sean has a proven track record in assisting approved centres to achieve compliance with Regulation 15 Individual Care Plan.

Sean will analyse previous inspection reports with course participants and guide you step by step through areas of required compliance with Regulation 15 itself and the specifics of what the definition of Individual Care Plan means in practical terms. Sean will also guide you through the Judgement Support Framework in respect of this Regulation.

ICP training will also take you through the practical nuts and bolts of care planning, explaining the difference between "Identified Needs", "Goals" and "Interventions", in which participants will be guided on devising care plans for different patient/service user presentations. Sean will also guide participants on how to review care plans effectively and how to evaluate outcomes with the service user/resident/patient.

Contact Sean on 086 2217095 or email