Logue & O’Connor Training and Consultancy Ltd. has a process of quality monitoring to provide a framework by which quality and customer satisfaction can be measured. We will plan and monitor the performance of our training and consultancy and will match these against national standards/compliance requirements and recommendations from internal audit reports. This quality monitoring process will inform the development and review of customer satisfaction initiatives and quality indicators.


Risk Management

Logue & O’Connor Training & Consultancy Ltd. recognises the importance of the management of risk as an essential process for the provision of quality and safe services. Risk Management is the planned and systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and responding to risks and providing assurances that responses are effective. Risk Management is a key element of good governance and underpins our ability to provide safe and effective consultancy and training to our customers.

Risk Management refers to strategies that reduce the possibility of a loss or harm. It consists of proactive and reactive components. Proactive components include activities to prevent adverse impacts, and reactive components include actions in response to adverse events.


Incident Management

It is the policy of Logue & O’Connor that all incidents, when identified, are immediately managed in accordance with our Health and Safety Policy.

This will ensure that

  • The health and safety of those affected is the primary focus of attention, and
  • Any incidents are reported, investigated and acted on effectively and with the appropriate level of urgency.
  • The identified causes of incidents will be managed and resolved locally, lessons will be learned and will be applied.

Making a Comment or a Complaint

We want you to receive the highest standard of training and consultancy from us. But sometimes you may feel that we could be doing better.
We won't know unless you let us know. Hopefully, sometimes, you may even want to let us know when we are doing something really well so that we can maintain these standards. In order to help you to do so, the following options are available to you:


Complete and submit our online comment/complaint form available from our web site.

By Email:
E-mail [email protected] with your feedback.

By Letter:
Send a letter to our Company’s office at:
Logue & O’Connor Training and Consultancy Ltd,
Unit 33| N17 Business Park| Galway Road| Tuam| Co. Galway