Our mission is to provide the highest standard of training and consultancy and to do so in a reliable, efficient and professional manner.


  • Our vision is to be recognised as a performance leader. To think global but act local. 

  • Our goal is to achieve operational excellence through effective leadership, continuous quality improvement and strong customer satisfaction.

As such, we will strive to protect, build and manage our reputation while providing a dynamic and challenging working environment for our employees rooted in deep loyalty, strong employee commitment and a positive, high-performance culture.



We at Logue & O’Connor Training and Consultancy Ltd. strive to protect, maintain, build and manage our reputation. We know that there is nothing more valuable than a good reputation. A good reputation involves every single aspect of how our business relates to the outside world, our customers, our prospects, the general public and the media. To ensure that we keep our good reputation we operate a set of Core Guiding Principles.

To this end Logue & O’Connor will:

  • Work with organisations, businesses and companies who are proactive in their statutory obligations under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and associated Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • Assist Approved Centres to gain compliance with their statutory obligations under the Mental Health Act 2001 and associated Regulations, Rules, Codes of Practice and the Judgement Support Framework
  • Assist Designated Centres to gain compliance with HIQA Standards and the Health Act 2007 and associated Regulations
  • Work closely on-site with employees, safety representatives (where applicable), supervisors and employers when carrying out Risk Assessments and Identifying Hazards
  • Guarantee that all Risk Assessments and Safety Statements produced by us are not generic but are site-specific to the individual client organisation, business or company
  • Tailor our training to suit the individual needs of the client organisation, business or company