Sean Logue is currently collaborating with HSE National Mental Health and the Mental Health Engagement & Recovery Office, HSE to develop a bespoke training package for all HSE Mental Health Services approved centres. 

A bespoke training package and a Guidance Document will be used to address non compliance with Regulation 15 Individual Care Plan (S.I. No. 551 of 2006) compliance issues with the aim to reverse non-compliance.

The first line of the project is to target the thirteen approved centres who have a condition on their approved centre in respect of Regulation 15.

The second line is to address approved centres with Non-Compliant Critical and Non-Compliant High ratings of non-compliance with Regulation 15 Individual Care Plan.

For information on this training programme, please address all enquiries to Linda Moore, Regulatory Compliance and Mental Health Manager, HSE Mental Health Operations & Performance, St Loman's Hospital, Dublin 20, D20 HK69 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.