Manual Handling Training

This course covers the theory aspect of the manual handling course which will need to be completed before engaging the practical course which will take part on-site at various locations listed on the website.

We provide a sector specific manual handling course which involves us calling to your organisation and carrying out a risk assessment prior to the training in order to make it relevant to the participant’s line of work.

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Objectives:
- Understand the consequences of incorrect lifting
- Understand the principles of safe lifting
- Understand the mechanics of the spine and muscular system

Course Modules:
1. Course aims
2. Legislation
3. Anatomy and Back care
4. Postural Assessment
5. Back Strengthening Techniques
6.Fitness & Flexibility
7. Biomechanics
8. Principles of Safe Handling
9. Lifting Techniques
10. Conclusion

Certification: Successful participants will be issued with a FETAC recognised manual handling certificate, which is valid for 3 years.
Please contact Esther in our office on 0876074456 or email