Manual Handling & Patient Moving Training

This course is divided up into two parts. Manual Handling which explains the advantages, reasons for and principles of safe lifting. Patient Moving which trains staff in safe moving and handling techniques and informs them of the dangers associated with unsafe patient moving and handling.

The theory aspect of this course will be delivered online at your own pace. To continue on to the practical course you will need to complete this sections first.

Course Objectives:
- Understand manual handling legislation
- Carry out patient moving risk assessments
- Use patient moving equipment and how to use the various aids to ensure safe movement
- Implement the principles of moving and handling
- Understand how to protect yourself, your colleagues and the patient
- Describe, and apply to your work, the principles of safe moving & handling

Course Modules Unit 1:
1. Course aims
2. Legislation
3. Anatomy and Back care
4. Postural Assessment
5. Back Strengthening Techniques
6. Fitness & Flexibility
7. Biomechanics
8. Principles of Safe Handling
9. Lifting Techniques
10. Conclusion

Certification: Successful participants will be issued with a FETAC recognised manual handling & patient moving certificate, which is valid for 3 years.
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