Health & Safety Awareness Training

We provide a universal health & safety awareness course which includes relevant regulations under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Course Duration: ½ Day – Approximately 4 hours

Course Objectives:

- Understand the benefits of being health and safety aware in the workplace
- Understand the legal responsibilities of the employer and the employee
- Describe what is meant by risk assessment
- Describe methods of controlling workplace hazards (Hierarchy of Controls)
- Recognise common hazards in the workplace

Course Modules:

1. Health and Safety Legislation
2. Accidents and Prevention
3. Safety Precautions
4. Assessment of Risk and Hazard Analysis

The key items covered on the course are:

- Familiarise yourself with Health & Safety procedures
- Identify the causes of accidents and what can be done to prevent injury
- Understand the importance of being risk aware
- Know your responsibilities under current Health & Safety legislation

Certification: A certificate of attendance valid for 3 years will be issued by the company, on successful completion of this course which includes a practice module and mini-assessment.